Time Machine

When we were kids, my big brother and I used to play a mind trick with ourselves—whenever we wanted to get through a boring or difficult stretch of time, we’d say, “I am going into my time machine, and when I get out, it’s going to be ____.” And sure enough, we’d be in the other side of that time machine trip, surprised at how quickly the time passed.

After college, I would play the same game with some of my friends, except we would also use it greet each other if we had not seen each other in a while. We’d just say, “Hey. Time machine.” And our minds would explode at how much time had passed since we last saw each other.

A lot of time has passed and a lot has changed since my last post over 8 years ago. I started my own business, my family grew, and I had an incredible amount of personal growth.

Looking back at at my previous posts, I was undergoing a bit of a reinvention. I had left my previous employer, where I felt that I would be doing myself a disservice had I stayed. I remember thinking to myself, “Do I bet on this company or do I bet on myself over the next 10 years?” I decided to bet on myself.

And now, I believe I’m undergoing a reinvention once again. While I have been successful in different facets of my life, I have failed in others. However, I yearn not necessarily for achievement, but for meaning. My soul aches from the atrophy of neglecting the parts of me that spark wonder and curiosity.

I realize now that the time machine is a trap. To speed up time is to burn our most precious commodity. I hope I am able to cherish time for the jewel that it is.