My Innovation Hashtag Cocktail

I just created an “Innovation” tab in Hootsuite. In it, I have the following hashtags:

#prodmgmt – I’ve been following this hashtag for some time and it’s got great tweets by product management experts.  A great tweet came through from @stempm – “#prodmgmt is not a profession – it is a way of life!”  I totally agree with Irina–product management is the practice of creating value through providing offers to customers.  This is not just a position in a company, those of us that are value creators all follow product management practices.

#innovate – Obvious reasons.

#agile – Although this is mostly used in a software development context, agile concepts are key to innovation: quick development cycles, market testing, responding to change.  I’m also a fan of Lean development and business processes.  I thought that #lean would be a good hashtag to watch, but it seems a bit noisy.

#startup – Great stories and interactions here around startups (obviously).  Not to say that only startups are innovating, but I would say you’re more likely to see new and disruptive innovations coming out of startups than you would with established companies (see Clayton Christensen for details).

#justlaunch – This isn’t a well-established hashtag, but I would like to use it to engage on the idea of getting out of your own way and “just launch”.  If you’re an entrepreneur with analysis paralysis, this is your 12-step program to #justlaunch.

#createvalue – Again, not a well-established hashtag, but I would like to use it to engage on the idea of creating value.  There are lots of products out there.  There is a lot of money changing hands.  But, is there a lot of value being created?  Do you think investing your money in the stock market is creating value?  How are you creating value today?  I believe that creating value is why we get up in the morning.

Why only 6 hashtags?  That’s all that will fit on one screen without scrolling.

Happy Friday!

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