Steve Jurvetson and Disruptive Innovation

Commuting to LA from Orange County isn’t really that bad. I was on the road for about 1.25 hours, but I had a chance to listen to a podcast on disruptive innovation (not necessarily Christensen’s definition) by Steve Jurvetson, #68 in the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series on iTunes.

You can tell Jurvetson is really passionate about what he does. He’s got a bit of ADD (which he admits), so he jumps in and out of topics, but he’s got some great insights. One of the most interesting parts of the podcast was him talking about “Transcending Moore’s Law“.

I would assume that most all information professionals know Moore’s Law, that computational power on a processor doubles every 18 months. Ray Kurzweil took Moore’s Law and extrapolated that outside of just transistors, shifted it to “calculations per second per $1000” (i.e., how much computational power do you get for $1000) and significantly expanded the timeframe. This reason alone is a huge impetus to disruptive innovation, not just for information technology, but across multiple disciplines.

Jurvetson also talked about some mind-exploding work in biotechnology, which I wouldn’t do any justice going into in this post. If you use iTunes (and chances are you do), you should download this podcast if you’re interested in hearing about Kurzweil’s work, innovations in biotech, and want to hear some insights from a passionate venture capitalist.

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